Events and Activities

The Calumet County Police Explorers volunteer at various activities, and help with things such as parking cars, traffic control, and security. Some examples:

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Some information about these activities:

Character Camp
            Every year we participate and help out Learning for Life with 3 character camps which are help in fall, winter, and spring. At Character Camp the advisors and older youth help in the teaching lessons while the younger youth act as group leaders and bring students to the different activities.

Crafty Apple Craft Show
Since the craft show started on the streets of Chilton the explorer post has helped with monitoring over the Calumet County Command Post and directing of traffic. We help the gas station keep their parking lot empty of craft lookers and monitor the handicap parking lot.
This year we are planning on trying to put together a finger printing session while at the craft show.

Steam Engine Show
In August every year the post helps out in traffic direction and parking of cars at the Steam Engine Show. This is usually a 2 day event and is a lot of fun. Explorers get to socialize with each other and people coming to look around. It is an enjoyable event for all.

On random occasions we will get a phone call from local police departments asking if we can assist in crowd control and direction of traffic at certain intersections. Three police departments that have asked for our assistance in the past have been Brillion, Chilton, and New Holstein.

Country USA
Country USA is our biggest fund raising event we do. We have been parking cars at this event since it started. It helps us raise enough money for the Explorer Post to go to the National Explorer Conference held every two years.
Since Country USA is a farther drive we tend to stay over night at the festival and camp out. Country USA has set aside spot for us to camp out near the entrance.  We use campers donated to us by families or area businesses. We do feed the explorers and adults free of charge and do get daily wrist bands to go watch the show at night.
Due to the amount of adult beverages at Country USA we do make sure no one other than Explorers and Advisors are allowed in our area.

National Police Explorer Conference
Every two years we use the money from our fund raisers to go on a trip to the National Police Explorer Conference (Nationals). While at the conference the explorers get to compete in 1 or 2 competitions as a team and many individual competitions.
There are about 11 team competitions and about 13 individual competitions the Explorers can participate in. Between the years we try to teach the explorers about each of the 11 team competitions as much as possible. This is why we ask that they try to make all meetings.
Each trip we have gone on in the past has been for about 9 days each. The cost of the trip for each explorer has been $100 for each person. The post picks up the rest of the cost. The only other money needed for each trip was spending money and for food for 1 or 2 days.

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Brillion Relay for Life 2010



Calumet County Police Explorers Post 9019 is a branch of Learning for Life Exploring. For more information on Learning for Life, please visit: Learning for Life